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13 Months….4500 Nautical Miles…..5 Countries…..She Sails!

From California to Panama, St Vincent to Grenada, and finally to her new home port of St Lucia, Vela is finally cruising. As with most projects, time ran short at the end, and things got a little crazy.

The shakedown cruise on December 20 saw Vela setting sail minus some paint and trim, missing some accessories like towel rails and mirrors, and with a tired and frazzled crew. The recently installed AC units proved to be noisy and leaky in some cases, but definitely cold! Most of our shakedown guests took everything in stride, with patience and good humor. The crew is still working continuously to finish up loose ends, and the ship is looking better every day.

All that said, Vela is every bit the beautiful, sleek sailing ship that we knew she was when we brought her into the fleet. Today, sailing on a beautiful morning from St Vincent to Tobago Cays, she made 4-5 knots with engine off and sails up. How could it get any better than that?

Happy New Year!

Vela sailing 2 201601           Vela sailing at last 201601

  • Phil Gonet

    Can’t wait for our cruise with Vela! When will you link cabin pictures to the deck configurations?

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