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Pirate Week Live

Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates~Mark Twain

They looked like trouble on arrival. Twenty three pirates for the week. Some brought the clothes–ALL came with the attitude. I wondered “where will all the rum go?” and made sure that our supplies were sufficient. It was going to be a good week!

On that first night, only a couple of rum survivors made it to the Lambi Queen in Carriacou to hear the drumming. Little did I know that the rest of them were just gearing up for Chatham Bay the next day. Once there, some commandeered the “relaxation station” floating lounger, and demanded that libations be delivered to them via dropped down cooler. Others snorkeled, and harassed locals and baby goats at the Bushman’s Farm at the top of the hill. Captain Patricio broke out the rope swing. Soon there were pirates flying through the air, and even a few back flips from the gangway.

Chicanery was clearly brewing for the night. We all dressed in our best pirate finery, and both Diamant and Sagitta headed to the Boll Head Bar for a BIG bonfire. Money was won and lost over Barney’s infamous crab races. All of our pirate hearts melted a little when we looked to the night sky, and saw the spectacular show of stars lighting our dinghy ride home to Sagitta.

Tobago Cays was a spectacular day of swimming with turtles, paddle boarding and lolling about on the beach, followed by build-your-own-cocktail with St Lucia Coconut Rum and all the fixings. By nightfall, we were running amok on the Mayreau cultural tour, drinking and dancing our way up the hill, and rolling our way back down!

Yesterday was Bequia. Stark fear showed on the faces of locals when they saw that both ships were in town, but our pirates showed their gentle sides as they experienced the Turtle Sanctuary, and took in all the sights of this perfect little island.

Later, Diamant plunderers boarded Sagitta for a takeover. The attempt was foiled by the buccaneers of Sagitta, courageously brandishing bottles of Jack Iron rum. A beautiful sail Pirates 2back to Mayreau, and this morning all are enjoying Salt Whistle Bay. I don’t know what
the rest of this trip may bring, but these pirates, both young and young at heart, are sure to keep me running. Time to slap on another pirate tattoo, don my wench costume and join in the fray…


Leah, Salty Wench of Sagitta






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