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Sounds Swell – Our Top Ten Sailing Songs

 We’ve compiled a top ten list of sailing songs. Some you may have heard of, some are pretty obscure. But hey, we like to keep things interesting. Enjoy!
1. Knee Deep (Zac Brown Band) Our theme song. Because it’s fun, catchy and isn’t played at weddings and funerals.
2.  Pleasures of the Harbor (Phil Ochs) Bet you’ve never heard this one. Sad song about lonely sailors in port. Think off-the-shoulder blouses and sloppy lipstick. You won’t be disappointed.
3. Beyond the Sea (Bobby Darin) Grab your Captain’s hat and sequined anchor tee and meet me on the Lido Deck.
 4. Southern Cross (Crosby, Stills, & Nash) With two ships named after constellations, you know this one had to make the list.  Look for Crux in the Milky Way.
5. The Piña Colada Song (Rupert Holmes) There, we said it– and now you’re gonna be humming it all day.
6. Banana Boat Song Day-Oh (Harry Belafonte)  Never ask the guy playing this song at the local tiki bar if you can tally his banana.  I guarantee you will be sent home for harassing the help.
7. Islands in the Sun (Weezer) “Golden sea… drifting into the zone… makes you feel so fine you can’t control your brain.” Mind-altering chemicals probably work better, but you won’t come home with a tan.
8. The Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel) Perhaps this one wasn’t the best choice given we run the engines 90% of the time.  BUT PEOPLE!!! Understand that even though we make it look effortless, we have a schedule to maintain, and you have islands you want to visit.  So enjoy the quiet times when they happen.
9.  Sailing (Christopher Cross)  Sure it’s an obvious pick, but it’s a crowd pleaser.
10. Caribbean Blue (Enya) Seekers of light and those who enjoy cosmic interactions with their dog sitters will enjoy this classic new age song.  Remember: Existence is a modality of unparalleled potentiality. Namaste.
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