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Taste of the Islands–tasty, indeed!

People who love to eat are always the best people. Julia Child


Lenny (L) and George (R)

Twenty four passengers eagerly waited on the dock for dinghy transport to Sagitta for our first Taste of the Islands foodie cruise. A group of beloved past sailors, and future beloved sailors, were looking forward to a week of local culinary excitement! (oh yeah, and some sailing, snorkeling, sight seeing, dancing, rope swinging, rum punches – you know, the “usual”) Our chefs are amazing, and we are lucky to have them, so this was their time to strut their stuff. Head chef Lenny is from Nevis, and has spent many years honing his craft at sea, as well as at some of the finest restaurants on the little island that is his home. Lenny is larger than life, super friendly and has no “indoor voice” (I can relate). Sous chef George is Grenadian, and has worked at sea and in famous restaurants on his spice island. George is quiet, but be on the lookout for his huge smile.

On our first morning in Carriacou, Lenny and George put out a beautiful display of local vegetables and fruit. Lenny animatedly described all the colorful treats, while George 11_IMG_4054sliced and diced and had us try local mangos, soursop, coconut water, and more! Afterward, Lenny the Pied Piper led everyone into town to check out the local markets and rum shops.



The week was filled with creative Caribbean breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners. Some crowd favorites were lobster eggs Benedict (with a local twist), saltfish, dhal and rice, and coconut Shrimp and cornmeal with okra. And don’t forget the desserts – anyone for some coconut cream pie or mango creme brûlée?

24_IMG_4062     38_IMG_4102    23_IMG_4030

The week was capped off with a huge Caribbean buffet. The sumptuous array included spiny lobster tails, fish, fruits, salads, vegetables, dessert, all prepared to perfection with local ingredients and seasonings.

42__MG_3170    33_IMG_4094   43__MG_3173

Lenny and George did a fantastic job of our first ever food cruise and we are already plotting and planning ways to make it even more fabulous next year. YUM.

Chief food taster Leah



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