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DIAMANT  |  101 feet  |  10 Guests  |  5 Crew  |  Schooner

SAGITTA  |  125 feet  |  24 Guests  |  10 Crew  |  Motorsailer

VELA  |  156 feet  |  26 Guests  |  10 Crew  |  Tall Ship


British Virgin Islands  |  Leeward Islands  |  French West Indies  |  Windward Islands


6 and 12 night sailings year round


Cruise rates include all onboard meals and snacks, beverages (water, juice, soda, beer, wine, and rum punch), port charges and taxes, and complimentary use of snorkel gear for the week.


From the fabulous Owners Suite to a cozy cabin for one, there’s no roughing it on our ships. Cabins are air-conditioned, and feature 110V outlets, blow dryers, shampoo, and soap.


45 to 65


Island Windjammers, Inc. was incorporated in July 2008, by principal founder Liz Harvey and a small group of investors. They endeavored to launch a new company offering casual sailing cruises in the Caribbean.

Diamant, the first ship in the fleet, began passenger service on November 29, 2009. Sagitta was added to the fleet in fall 2012, followed by Vela in December 2015.


Island Windjammers provides cruises on small sailing ships with intimate capacities of 10 to 26 guests.

Six and twelve night cruises are spent sailing to a different port every day. Itineraries are flexible and are planned so that guests have plenty of time to explore each port of call. Guests enjoy local culture, beaches, snorkeling, hikes, and exploring quaint villages. Optional extra tours are offered in some ports for reasonable fees.

Onboard activities include swimming and snorkeling from the ship, taking a turn on the rope swing, using the ships paddle boards and kayaks, and leaning on the rail at night to watch the fish gliding in the glow of the underwater lights.

Amazing chefs prepare meals that are delicious and plentiful. Every effort is made to provision locally. Some meals are served picnic-style on the beach. Dining on deck al fresco is the norm for dinner. All ships have indoor dining saloons, in the event of inclement weather.

In addition to the traditional weekly cruise offerings, IWJ offers periodic specialty theme cruises which include Taste of the Islands Caribbean Cuisine Cruise, Rum Cruise, Solo Sojourns, Island Hops Beer Cruise, and Pirate Week.


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Diamant Images

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IW-Diamant01.jpg - 2.43 MB
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IW-Diamant02.jpg - 2.28 MB
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IW-Diamant04.jpg - 2.37 MB

Download: IW-Diamant-Cabin4.jpg - 2.19 MB
IW-Diamant-Cabin4.jpg - 2.19 MB
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IW-Diamant-Cabin5.jpg - 2.13 MB
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IW-TobagoCays01.jpg - 2.95 MB
Download: IW-TobagoCays02.jpg - 1.80 MB
IW-TobagoCays02.jpg - 1.80 MB

Sagitta Images

Download: Sagitta-01.jpg - 2.70 MB
Sagitta-01.jpg - 2.70 MB
Download: Sagitta-02.jpg - 3.20 MB
Sagitta-02.jpg - 3.20 MB
Download: Sagitta-03.jpg - 2.79 MB
Sagitta-03.jpg - 2.79 MB
Download: Sagitta-cabin-02.jpg - 2.22 MB
Sagitta-cabin-02.jpg - 2.22 MB

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StBarts-02.jpg - 1.56 MB
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Anguilla-04.jpg - 1.51 MB
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Sagitta-04.jpg - 2.37 MB

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