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Frequently Asked Questions about Island Windjammers Cruises

You’re about to embark on one of the best vacations of your life! We want to make sure that you feel comfortable every step of the way. Following are some of the most commonly asked questions about Island Windjammers and our Caribbean tall ship sailing cruises. If there is anything else you'd like to know, please give us a call or email us. We’re standing by to lend a hand.

Life on Board

Q. What is there to do on board?
A. From bowsprit to stern, this is your home for the week, so make yourself comfortable. Take a dip from the ship and laze around on a “floatie mat.” You can help raise the sails, take the helm, or simply relax and watch the action. The ship’s saloon features a DVD player, board games and playing cards.

Let us know what you came to enjoy, and we’ll do our best to ensure that you’re a happy sailor.

Q. How’s the food?
A. Delicious and plentiful! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served on board, as well as afternoon and evening snacks. We make every effort to buy provisions locally. This helps the local economy and brings you the freshest fruits, meats, fish and vegetables available.

Q. Is there a full bar on board?
A. Due to space constraints, we carry only a basic selection of alcohol. Beer, red and white table wine, and afternoon rum punch are carried on board and are included in your fare. Guests are welcome to bring their own spirits on board to mix their favorite drinks.

Q. Do you provide mixers?
A. Depending upon availability, we provide Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale and Tonic Water.

Q. What’s included in the price of my sailing cruise?
A. Your six night tall ship sailing cruise price includes accommodations for the week, all meals aboard the ship, complimentary soft drinks, locally brewed beer and wine and use of ship’s snorkel gear. Your cruise fare also includes port taxes and government fees.

Q. How far ahead should I reserve my cabin?
A. We suggest reserving your preferred cabin at least six months in advance. With our limited capacity, dates fill up fast.

Q. Do we tip the crew, and if so, how much?
A. Tipping is solely at your discretion. If you feel that our crew has done an outstanding job, a tip of $150 per guest, per week is suggested. You may charge your gratuity at the end of your cruise on a credit card.

Q. What if I want to stay for two weeks or longer?
A. You can book consecutive six night sailings and overnight on the ship in between cruises at no additional cost. Our crew will be busy preparing the ship for the next set of guests, so there will be no meals or onboard services between 10AM on disembarkation day and 1 PM the next boarding day. Guests sailing on back to back extended cruises must find shore accommodations between cruises.

What to Bring

Q. What style and type of clothes will I need to pack?
A. Bring T-shirts, shorts, a hat, a couple of bathing suits and a sweatshirt or light jacket for cooler evenings on deck. Bare feet are best on wet decks, but do pack a comfortable pair of shoes or sandals for beach days and excursions. Don’t forget sunscreen and a beach towel! Keep all prescription medications with you in your carry on. Cabins on tall sailing ships, while comfortable, are very compact. Extra space is at a premium. Pack light!!

Q. Do you have space to store my luggage?
A. Due to our limited space, you are encouraged to pack lightly and bring soft-sided luggage or a duffel bag. All luggage must be stored in your cabin during your cruise.

Q. Should I bring snorkel gear? Are there opportunities for scuba diving?
A. We offer complimentary use of snorkel gear for your sailing week. If you have your own mask and snorkel, we encourage you to bring them, as they will probably be the best fit for you. We have plenty of fins, if you’d like to leave yours at home. For those interested in scuba diving, you can make arrangements with local dive shops.

Flotsam and Jetsam

Q. Will I get seasick?
A. Sensitivity to motion is not always based on weather conditions. If you have experienced motion sickness in the past, or you’re not sure how you will adjust, we recommend that you pack your preferred remedy. If you are prone to seasickness, you should take your medication approximately four hours prior to setting sail. If you wait until you start to feel sick, the medication may not be effective.

Q. I have physical limitations. Can I still enjoy this trip?
A. To access your cabin, you will need to be able to go up and down fairly steep stairs. While at anchor, you will need to be able to climb down a stairway and board the dinghy if you wish to go ashore. Also, some beaches are accessed by a “wet landing” in the dinghy. This involves stepping in and out of the dinghy from shallow water. Depending on the swells, this can range from the relatively simple to slightly adventurous! As always, our strong and sturdy crew will be there to lend a hand.

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